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June 2018

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October 2015
Gardens Illustrated 2015

Leading designers reveal their favourite spring bulbs.

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'The Simple Things'- Modern day planthunters SEPT 2015 issue.
Gardening Talent - Portrait by Jason Ingram
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The Sunday Times - Music to your eyes
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Growing Talents Daily Telegraph

Oxford Times
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Bohemian rhapsody - Caroline Donald of Sunday Times 6th June 2010
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The English Garden
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June 13th 2011

"On the opening night of Garsington Opera at Wormsley it was an immense relief to see that both architect and landscape designer had successfully delivered. It was no mean feat - the colourful garden had essentially been created in less than a year. New British Landscapes had designed a structured and artfully planted formal garden lying quietly alongside the grand 'floating' opera pavilion. A sense of intimacy and intrigue led opera patrons through wide sensual plantings and beyond into the greater landscape of the deer park. Hannah Gardner had cleverly retained a trace of the historic context of the opera company at its old home but had seamlessly developed ideas from this remit and created a striking but simple contemporary landscape that received enthusiastic praise from all our visitors."
Nicola Creed, Director of Finance and Administration Garsington Opera
    Hannah Gardener, New British Landscapes